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Jon Pomplin - FOX -TV Taste of Chicago

After a several years of session work and corporate jobs, Jon Pomplin started his full time professional music career in 1997 with his group "Sea of Monsters", which consisted of former members Jon's past band "Aleister Crowley". In 1998 they recorded their self-titled debut CD which was produced and engineered by "Smashing Pumpkins" and "Smoking Popes" producer Phil Bonnett. Shortly after returning from the tour, FOX TV Chicago invited Sea of Monsters to perform at the "Fox Diner Stage" at the annual "Taste of Chicago" festival. The release of 3 music videos produced by Chuck Kelly soon followed. Jon then appeared on several Chicago radio and TV stations including WCRX, WXAV and the TV show "EXPOSE" to promote the release.
Jon Pomplin - Fretless in the studio

Jon has also been interviewed by WLS TV, WGN TV & Radio, Fox TV Chicago, WMKB and Metro Networks Chicago. In late 2000 Jon left "Sea of Monsters" and was signed by Cellar Records as a solo artist, session bassist and Marketing/Web "guru". The debut release of the "Declassified" from the band Project 814, formed with fellow Cellar session musicans, was completed in late 2001 and released to major retail stores. The CD quickly gained critical acclaim from the press the 2002 the CD was nominated for the prestigious AFIM "Indie" awards, securing a place for Jon as one of the hottest up-coming musician, songwriter and producers of the new millennium.

Jon Pomplin

Jon has been the featured artist in Talkbass, BassPlaza and Global Bass Magazines and has appeared in several other periodicals including The Boston Herald, Ghostland, Progressive World, YTSEJAM, Bass Review, Illinois Entertainer, Guitar Noise and Local Live Magazine. In late 2003 Jon, along with Todd Joos, formed a new band with members who appeared on the first Project 814 called Disguise The Limit. The debut CD entitled Redemption, was released in the fall of 2004 to raving reviews. Redemption features songs written by Jon, and the other original Project 814 members.

Jon Pomplin being interviewed by Chicago media

Jon began working with other artists throughout the world on various audio and film projects. He also began composing and recording music for motion pictures and television. In 2008 Jon scored the film Michael Morlock and the Supernatural World which went on to win several awards including Best Film (Indy Film Festival), Directors Choice (Laugh or Die Festival and Chicago Horror Film Festival) and was chosen as an official selection for The Illinois International Film Festival, Sycamore Film Festival and The Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival. Jon was a "resident professional" and music reviewer for "BassPlaza", a Dutch based web portal, during it's run from 2001 until 2008.

Jon Pomplin In 2010 Jon co-produced (with Grammy winning producer/guitarist Neil Citron), the debut BangTower CD titled "Casting Shadows" featuring legendary fretless bassist Percy Jones, Grammy winner Neil Citron and LA Drum Guru" Walter Garces. This CD is was released through Declassified Records. Also in 2010 Jon was named a Runner-Up in the Song of the Year contest for a lyrical work entitled "NEMESIS". In 2012 Jon toured with a Midwest Christian rock band as a "hired gun". Also in 2012, Jon created, directed and edited the official HD videos for "BBA" and "Hair of the Dog" from the BangTower "Casting Shadows". 2013 saw the release of the single "This is my Town"and the subsequent creation of the "lyric video" for the single. The song appeared on the 2016 BangTower release "With N With Out" on which Jon also played keyboards and bass. Other video work included the resoration and editing of other audio and video projects including past bands Sea of Monsters, Project 814 and Disguise the Limit.
As the president of Declassified Records Jon has released several albums including 4 albums with BangTower as a producer and part time keyboards, bass and songwriting and overseen the reissue of 2 of Grammy Winner Neil Citron's solo albums "In Search of Higher Ground" and "Flavored Jam" and other releases from various artists. Jon is a voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammy's), a BMI Publisher and Songwriter and a member of The Indie Collabroative. In addition to doing "remote" and local recording sessions, Jon continues to expand the record label to include International Distribution, Video Production, Marketing, PR, Consulting and other services for label artists and associated musicians.

Partial Discography
Sea of Monsters: Sea of Monsters - CD - Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar/Keyboards - 1998
Sea of Monsters: Live at Taste of Chicago - Fox Television Chicago - Video - Bass Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards - 1999
Sea of Monsters: Art To Heart Compilation: Volume 3 - CD - Producer/Composer/Bass/Keys - (1 track - "X")- 1999
Sea of Monsters: Shadow Boxer - Video - Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar/Keyboards - 1999
Sea of Monsters: Not Guilty - Video - Producer/Bass Guitar/Keyboards - 1999
Sea of Monsters: Who's Right - Video - Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar/Keyboards - 1999
Brian Carter: Drum Sessions (Instructional/Demo) - Bass Guitar - 2000
Project 814: Declassified - CD - Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar - 2001
Project 814: Spinin' Wheels - Television - Music Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar - (1 track - "Episode 69") - 2001
Rob Thompson: Mood Swings - CD - Bass Guitar/Arranger - 2001
Project 814: Speed of my Life - Video - Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar - 2002
Tracylyn Lendi: Good Rain - CD - Co-Producer/Bass Guitar/Arranger - 2002
Court Jester: Gina - CD - Bass Guitar/Arranger - 2003
Disguise the Limit: Redemption - CD - Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar - 2004
Disguise the Limit: Brothers in Arms - Video - Director/Editor/Producer/Composer/Bass Guitar - 2006
Dann Glenn: Symphony #'s 3, 4, 5 & 6 - CD/Digital - Mastering Engineer- 2007
Michael Morlocks Supernatural World - Film (Music) - Composer/Musician/Engineer/Actor - 2008
BangTower: Casting Shadows - CD - Producer/Composer/Record Label - 2010
Sea of Monsters: - "Hello Again" - Video - Digital conversion/Editor/Bass Guitar - 2012
Sea of Monsters: - "Monster Jam" - Video - Video/Audio Editor/Producer/Bass Guitar - 2012
BangTower: "Pig Light Show" Videos - SFX Videos - Co-Producer - 2012
BangTower: "BBA" - Video - Cameras/Editor/Director/Co-Producer - 2012
Sea of Monsters: - "Stay Awake" - Video - Editor/Director/Producer/Bass/Vocals - 2013
BangTower: "Hair of the Dog (single) " - Video - Cameras/Editor/Director/Co-Producer - 2013
BangTower: "This is my Town" - Single - Executive Producer - 2013
BangTower: "This is my Town" - Video - Editor/Director/Producer - 2013
Neil Citron: - "In Search of Higher Ground" - Digital Remaster/Reissue - Executive Producer - 2015
Neil Citron - "Flavored Jam" - CD re-issue - Record Label - 2016
BangTower: "With N With Out" - Bass Guitar/Keyboards/Executive Producer - 2016
BangTower: "Hey, Where'd Everybody Go?" - Executive Producer - 2017
BangTower: "The Bag Man" - Executive Producer - 2019
BangTower: "The Road We Travel" - Executive Producer - August 2019
Sea of Monsters: "X" - Re-mastered single - Producer/Composer/Bass/Keys - Due all 2019
Sea of Monsters: "Shadow Boxer" - Re-mastered single - Producer/Composer/Bass/Keys - Due fall 2019

Jon Pomplin is a proud Endorsing Artist for Morley Pedals, EBTech Audio, GHS Strings, Rocktron Preamps, Hot Wire Basses and Conquest Sound cables.